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The Asylum is a movie studio operating out of Hollywood, California, that specializes in producing low budget, direct-to-dvd pictures similar to SyFy Orginals. Many of these movies tend to be an attempt to capitalize on the success of larger films, using similar names as a marketing tactic. For example Snakes on a Plane becoming Snakes on a Train.

In order to keep with a timely release schedule and turn a profit, the production cycle is typically four months from an idea to the finished product. As a result, a typical Asylum movie features extremely poor acting, CGI made with Adobe After Effects, a script that could be written in the time one spends on the toilet, and very choppy direction. However, these B-films can be a good way to kill an afternoon when you have nothing else to do.
What? Casting a third rate B-movie actor and a washed up Playboy model? That's gotta be a movie by The Asylum.
by Jman457 April 24, 2011
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