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A hilarious comedy podcast consisting of two British guys who talk about hilarious and random things. They have weekly segments such as "Chav Watch", "Joe Cuisine", and "Map of Shame". It is hosted by Ben Young and Joe Gallagher. The Absolute Peach has also coined some new, original words, such as tezzers, cretmeister, and 'zors. Joe is the wackier and crazier of the duo, while Ben is more serious and often criticizes Joe for being too silly or not making any sense. They have many catchphrases, such as "I actually hate you", "I don't understand!", and "niche".
Person 1: Did you hear the latest episode of The Absolute Peach?
Person 2: Yeah, it was total tezzers!

(intro music)
Ben: Welcome to The Absolute Peach.
Joe: You just reminded me of a unicorn!
Ben: ...
by saverpernerper April 29, 2010