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A derivation of The Abe Lincoln where a man uses semenal fluid as crazy glue. Instead of the man trimming his pubic region and placing them onto the female's penis pudding filled face, the man grabs a fist full of pubes, yanks it out of his crotchal area, and then slaps the blood-ridden hairs onto his female companion's face--resembling the face of our late great assassinated 16th president on April 14, 1865 in Ford's Theatre.
Mary: You hear Jimmy pulled off "The Abe Lincoln (Ford's Theatre Edition) yesterday?

Mark: Yeah, **Pulled off** literally...haha...get it? Pulled know....kinda like the pubes that he **Pulled off**...haha

Mary: Yeah I got it, you didnt have to explain it any further

Mark: Chode Lips!
by Old Norse Õthinn March 30, 2007
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