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APG=Apalachin ghetto

A place in New York State described as the slum of apalachin. With its high hills green tree's and the occasional drug deals/druggys.With a history of the hardcorest gang to live, La cosa nostra.
ashley is going out with colin and this is there convo.
A=ashley C=colin

A: lets go bang at my place.
C: yea yea, all through the night.
A: sounds hott!
C: but i dont know where you live exactly...
A: i live in the APG
C: oh yea, the Apalachin Ghetto.
A: Right....

once colin reachs ashleys they begin to bump uglys...
.345673895 seconds later colin finish's and they cuddle.
by Nucca4life December 30, 2007
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