Similar to the cunt punt, but during sex. Get her in the mood and start to 'do' her. Preferably over a balcony or something of the like. Then unexpectedly pull out and yell "THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!" and Leonidas kick her, sending her flying.
IM GONNA CUM! THIS IS SPARTA!!!! *kicks Mary off balcony*..heheh The 300 style on that hoe.
by Major Rio November 30, 2007
Top Definition
When you have just finished having sex, you make sure your naked partner is at the end of the bed near your feet. Then yell "This is Sparta!" and kick her off the bed.
Dude I totally pulled The 300 on my girlfriend and she hit the ground hard.
by YS March 28, 2007
Sexual Term described as after having sex with your partner, you turn to them and yell "This is Sparta" then kick them out of bed onto the floor.
Last night I gave my girlfriend "The 300", after sex.
by Imjb June 04, 2014
A sexual maneuver involving 2 males and 1 female. It starts with a chinese fingertrap ( Look it up ) as the male receiving oral is about to cum he signals the other male who is fucking the female from behind, at this point the male from behind slips is arms under the females arms and pulls her back and up to his chest yelling "THIS IS SPARTA" thus creating a human shield for the man in front to "Shoot" at .
I heard that Eddy and Howie totally pulled The 300 on Sally last night !
by Fro Bones May 22, 2011
The quickest escape route from the heart of Newburgh New York.
I was on DuBois Street when they started licking shots at my Escalade. I hoped onto the 300 doing at least 120.
by tray2k November 30, 2006
The act of having sexual intercourse with a girl and waiting for her to fall asleep at which time you slip the used condom over her head and slap her in the face shouting "THIS IS SPARTA!"
Erin was so bad in bed tonight, I gave her the 300 for breakfast.
by HooHa P November 20, 2008
while the victim is sleeping place each testicle over their eyes and then your penis over the victims nose, the result is their face looking like a spartan mask
i gave kurt the 300 last night
by beandip February 21, 2008
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