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The most accurate and full proof scale to rate women at parties or social gatherings.

The scale is broken down into 4 basic female categories face, chest , stomach, and ass. Each category has a max score of 3 points and a min of 0. There is also a chance of an intangible point such as great personality, sexy tat, or smokes trees. The intangible point has no limits, it can be anything you want in a girl that doesn't deal with the 4 already in place categories. If the girl receives a flat score of a 7 meaning no intangibles points given you have the go-ahead to lay the pipe. The 12 Point Scale really works, so give it a try and your next party.
Dwayne - Yo, im about to go snatch that pussy over there, what you think?
Travis - Ummm let me use The 12 Point Scale. Id give her face a 2, tits a 1, stomach a 2 and her ass/legs a 2 and didn't she say something about smoking us out later?
Dwayne - Ya, she's down with the trees.
Travis - Nice, so id def give her an intangible point for that. So id give her an 8/12 on the scale and a flat score of a 7. So ya you id def lay the pipe and pull a T-raw .
Dwayne - Thats what I thought, Im about to go wheel.
by np24holla May 03, 2011
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