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A phrase refering to when you're calling or texting (or any form of distant communication) someone and say you are with a friend of yours, when in reality the friend you're talking about isn't really there.

The other way this phrase works is if you are with one friend, but you say you're with another friend.

(Note: The name of the friend lied about does not change the phrase. Even if you lied about some guy named Jack or Bob, the phrase is still "The "Jeff" is a lie.")
1. I texted Flora saying I was hanging out with my friend Jeff, but I was actually hanging out with my friend, Elliott. The "Jeff" is a lie.

2. I called Bill saying that I was hanging out with my friend Steve, but I was really just out by myself getting pizza. The "Jeff" is a lie.
by The Flaming E August 25, 2008
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