Refers to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. In every game you build up a killstreak, that eventually gets shot down by some jackweed. This jackweed is known as "That Guy", or someone who spends the whole game shooting peoples hopes, dreams, and AC-130's down.
That Guy shot down my chopper gunner before it could even get in the map. Now I have to get 14 kills by myself to get the nuke.
by Camp of Duty July 08, 2010
A mysterious figure, often someone with mad skills. Every sport has a That Guy as does every branch of the Military. That Guy is often the topic of conversation among aspirants in these fields. Such as High School football players referring to That Guy on an NFL team or Soldiers referring to That Guy on the Special Forces Detachment.
Soldier 1: That Urban training was rough, beat my old best time though.

Soldier 2: Yeah me too, but That Guy smoked us.

Soldier 1: Yeah, who was That Guy?

Are you That Guy?
by Corpy007 April 27, 2010
the one guy at the party thats passed out or ridiculously drunk
Guy 1: o yea dude charlie is passed out in the room back there
Guy 2: o damn... hes THAT guy
by the one that is ononimous November 04, 2009
(N.)(that-guy)The guy who drives at night with those blue lights on his car AND his high beams on, but ONLY uses them when it's a perfectly clear night, and he shines them right into your bedroom just to wake you up before work. He does this multiple times a night just to make sure you don't go back to sleep.
He also drives behind people to make sure they can't see SHIT.
Boss: "Johnson, why are you late?!"
Johnson: "Yeah, you see, it was That Guy again...."
Boss: "Oh, don't sweat it then. That Guy's an asshole."


Guy 1 "Oh my fucking God, it's that guy again!"
Guy 2 "The black one? With the funny moustache?"
Guy 1 "No....."
Guy 2 "You mean the one with........ OH MY GOD! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT LIGHT?!"
by Hady October 28, 2008
Someone who at that moment is being a dumbass/asshole
Jake Fejer "I gotta show you guys something, its super important"

Us " yea what is it?"

Jake " Nah nevermind"

Us" Jake is that guy"
by Swoop God December 04, 2014
That guy is the guy who does things for the girl hes with or the girl he likes in gratitude of her actions with him.
Cam: I want a massage.

Micki: I will give you a massage.
Cam: I will give you one back, I'm just That Guy.
by JesusCam August 12, 2014
That guy is one who attends a party only to take advantage someone's drunk girlfriend. Now not only did you ruin her life, but you also pissed off her boyfriend likewise all for your own greed. Perhaps this can be a tactic for vengeance, perhaps you are just a douchebag. Whatever the case, you are now "that guy"
Hungover college student: OMG OMG OMG, I totally shouldn't have slept with "that guy" last night! What if my boyfriend finds out? He'll probably beat me and none of it was even my fault!

Friend: About that... he was also at the party.

Hungover college student: O_O
by A rabid chicken November 18, 2010

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