(N.)(that-guy)The guy who drives at night with those blue lights on his car AND his high beams on, but ONLY uses them when it's a perfectly clear night, and he shines them right into your bedroom just to wake you up before work. He does this multiple times a night just to make sure you don't go back to sleep.
He also drives behind people to make sure they can't see SHIT.
Boss: "Johnson, why are you late?!"
Johnson: "Yeah, you see, it was That Guy again...."
Boss: "Oh, don't sweat it then. That Guy's an asshole."


Guy 1 "Oh my fucking God, it's that guy again!"
Guy 2 "The black one? With the funny moustache?"
Guy 1 "No....."
Guy 2 "You mean the one with........ OH MY GOD! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT LIGHT?!"
by Hady October 28, 2008
The one person who nobody likes and just has to ruin everyone's fun. Commonly seen being a douchebag while committing actions that are completely irrelevant to the situation.
Josh: Guys, I just found out I actually like football. I might keep playing if no stupid jackasses show up this time.
Doug: Oh God, here comes that guy.
That Guy: Sup guys. Any of you get laid yet? Josh, are you still a virgin? I'm gonna get you laid this summer.
Josh: That's it, I'm gone.
That Guy: Hold on, guys, I'm gonna fire up some mary-j for a minute. *starts puffing away on a joint*
by LeagueOfLulz June 24, 2011
Co-Anchor to the Facebook show.. Bout that Life TV.. thee name is Kevin Collins you already know dude knows what lifes about... let that thang wobble yerd
Your "that guy" when you go back after that girl
by Yerd September 17, 2010
a phrase used to describe a person at a party who tries to start drama, fight people, say gay things to other guys, or just makes an ass of himself.
bro1: dude johnny is downstairs trying to fight everyone and he told me that i was the sexiest man alive......

bro2: he's "That Guy" tonight
by bromontana179010 February 20, 2010
The one guy in a crowd that does what everyone expects someone to do
He is that guy that says "cha, cha, cha" in the pauses in Happy Birthday
by SNOWPLOWMC June 16, 2009
The person that no one wants to be
Wow man way to be "that guy"
by That guy "man" December 08, 2014
The person that nobody wants to be
Wow man way to ha "that guy"
by 1_cinnamon_1 December 08, 2014

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