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You know the one. The one who everyone hated but no one really told him it to his face. The one who would be super touchy with girls and suck up to them like crazy. The one who would invite himself to parties when it was clear no one wanted him there. The one who always would suck up to the popular kids despite the fact that they hated him. The one who thought that if he talked in a really loud voice it would make him funny/important. The one who would try out for every sport but barely be good enough to make JV. The one you so desperately wished someone would smack or tell off. The one who bragged about his beer drinking/pot smoking prowess. The one who would name drop the popular kids or hot girls in conversations to sound like he's connected to them in some way. You know the one. And you fucking hated him.
That douchebag in high school probably went on to only pass his tech classes if it makes you feel any better.
by Eric RRRRRRRR October 18, 2008
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