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a phrase to tell your friends/main crew when they go do something super fun/exciting without ever telling you or inviting you and the only way you find out about it is via a Facebook places check-in, pictures, videos, a story the next day, etc.
"Billy is DRUNK AT CAESARS PALACE with Matt, Dre, Brittany, Josh, Wes, Grayson, Lauren, Stewy, Porf, and Kalin."
Jared: thanks for the invite. snakes.
Milo: thanks for the invite.
by billdote April 10, 2011
A common phrase spoken when you did not get an invite to an event. You say it for no real reason at all just to get a reaction from people or to let them know that you are in disappointment that you did not get invited. Even if it is something of no interest to you, you say it anyways!
"Hey guys, we sure had fun last night didn't we?" A boy in the room raises his head and says: "Thanks for the invite"

Invite can be interchanged with Intro, when you did not get introduced to someone.
by Big Deal22 January 20, 2011
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