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The main course of thanks giving, and not good with out a chicken and a duck shoved up its ass.
Grandma made thanks giving turkey!!!
by Abraham lincoln v.2 January 30, 2009

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; When a male takes his erected cock and balls and puts them under neath his anus and shitting hole. His cheerful playmate then goes under and begins to suck on the ball sack and shaft, when the time is right the male will shit out of his anus hole and make it go on the sucker...that is the stuffing of the turkey.
1. "Hey eliot do you want to have a thanksgiving turkey?"
2. "I wish i was a guy so I could do a thanksgiving turkey!"
by conraddontyouknow September 20, 2009
When you jam stuffing into a womans vagina and then spit roast her.
Hey lets give that bitch a thanksgiving turkey!
by GUY091 September 04, 2006