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An elegant, heavy stock folded card such as that left atop a silken pillowcase in a ritzy hotel - but in this case, the card, which reads, "Thank You" in large font on the cover, is left after slipping out early following a one-night stand. Inside the Thank You card, it must contain the following phrase in order to be considered an "official" Thank You card, "...for allowing me to fornicate with certainty." No other text, images or pigmentation may be visible. Just that phrase - and only that phrase.
It was 6:20 a.m. and I was slipping into my shoes very quietly as not to awaken anyone - when I remembered to leave a Thank You card. Per my usual routine, I placed the card on the kitchen table next to a copy of the Wall Street Journal, which I'd kindly retrived from the front door.
by Spin Douglass November 01, 2010
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