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The eastern most part of Kent that contains amongst other towns, Margate, Ramsgate and Broadstairs. In it's heydey, Thanet attracted many wealthy and famous people from London who visited the seaside for its relaxing properties. Charles Dickens took up residence in Broadstairs in Bleak House.

An Only Fools And Horses episode was also filmed in Margate, and featured in the film Last Orders.

The area now suffers from low income families and lack of funding, meaning that many of its great buildings have fallen into disrepair, and has been surpassed by other seaside towns.
Thanet used to be a great place to live full of culture and intelligent people, now it has become a collection of run-down seaside towns and low-brow people.
by imperial May 11, 2005
The place where most slags&sluts live. Margate is the worst area, it looks like poverty sweeped over it one day. Don't go there, worst place in existence.
Mike: She's from Thanet!
Julie: Oh yeah, look at her make-up and what she's wearing!
by G4thy783 July 14, 2011
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