When one texts to ask out on a day or to be in a relationship rather than asking them out in person.

The act of texting someone of the opposite sex hoping to create a relationship.
Guy1: Hey man are you going to ask that girl out you met the other day.

Guy2: Yeah I am. Im texting out so many girls these days.
by AHA---->Delsie November 30, 2011
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To ask someone out by texting them on a cellular device.
Oh my god I can't believe that Tom is texting out Jess?!?!?! How lame is that.
by sthen October 23, 2007
Making out or kissing through text messaging, used to indicate what you would do. EG, if you type *kisses lightly*, the response from your gf or gf might be *deepens kiss*
Commonly used between courting teens and flirtatious couples. See also Texting Out
Texting Out example
Amber: *kisses lightly*
Sam: *deepens kiss*
Amber *wraps arms around you*

you get the picture.
by ChillyPillz November 16, 2010

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