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Females who text long and meaningful text messages all the time without any slang,knows all the short cuts and doesn't make mistakes.Knows how to use the enter next line button and uses capital letters.Texts you back so quick there is never any textpectation
2 reliable prompt precise texter with great detail.
1.The text queen just sent me a message before i could write back.
2.This message looks long and interesting I know it's from the Text Queen.
3.Fullstops and complete sentences you are such a text queen.
by munyuck October 05, 2008

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A woman that spends a lot of time either on internet chatrooms or on her mobile phone texting others, often found with pink and purple hair and and a liking for newkie brown and jack daniels
when you see her you will know
by PrimeraMikey June 21, 2005