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A brand new epidemic of Manus has been discovered to be spreading around the globe via electronic devices such as cellular phones and other portable communication accessories.

The virus takes the form of an e-mail or text (SMS) message, and contains two deadly words: “Text” and “Manus” The message may also contain other words as well, trying to disguise its true form, but it still has the same effect no matter how many letters are displayed.

In order to get rid of the Text Manus, (Codenamed TM) you must forward the message in question onto another contact, then delete the original TM as soon as possible. The same rules apply as normal Manus, you are protected once you have passed the TM on, but if it falls into your hands, it has disastrous effects. The only difference between TM and palm-slapping Manus is that there is no way of blocking an incoming transmission
Phone: Beep Beep
User: Hmm, I have a message from an unknown number, let me see what it says

A short while later...

by C Norris May 14, 2006
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