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The event which happens during an IM or Text message when a question is asked along with a statement, resulting in a reaction to the statement and a second statement by the first person. Finally the initial question is answered and the delay causes a mix up in the conversation.

Text delays are sometimes caused by slow typers or stories that take a long time to type.
Text Delay Example Conversation?
Xxx(10:32:11) hey wasup?
Yyy(10:32:55) nothin much. We won our game today.
Yyy(10:33:06) Did u win?
Xxx(10:33:28) wow! U guys won! Thats the hardest team in the state!
Yyy(10:34:44) ya i played a great game. The ride there was so far.
Xxx(10:35:11) no we lost
Yyy(10:35:43) oh that sucks
Xxx(10:36:12) ya. How long was the ride?
by Haydenharrow March 04, 2009
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