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Exiting a US interstate highway at any point to access the service road or feeder street.
On the way to the Whataburger, I needed to pee but had missed the last off ramp, so I took a Texas exit to get to the gas station. -or- When I was telling Billy how to get to my house, instead of waiting for the next off ramp, he immediately made a Texas exit.
by TomKas July 18, 2008
11 2
When you're jammed in traffic in the state of Texas and you've had enough of not moving, sitting in the Texas sun sweating like a jackass, you drive off the side of the interstate at a 45 degree angle through the ditch in your pickup truck.
This traffic is B.S.! Let's pull a Texas Exit.
by GGAustin August 11, 2011
7 1