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A language formed at Allan A. Martin Senior Public School by 4 pupils. Considered as English slang, a mixture of French, English and slang. Developed in 2011, more than 20 people TRY to speak it, but only the 4 developers can speak it properly. Everyone else makes fun of it, yet they become bandwagons and try speaking it.
"Djon ewen chogz chu me like dat dawgie"
"Whats up tewbs?"
"Yo poulet, shave dat blowout, get yo souffle tingz"
by BlowoutPoulet April 30, 2012
a TEWB a toofpaste the also known as tube or toob
check out mike emslie's teeth they need a whole tewb of tewfpaste - p33nor
by mr.Presidentobama April 30, 2008
A noun, or verb (depending on usage), referring to the "youtube" like video-gaming website.
Bob: "have you seen the new trailer for (insert game) on the (insert gaming platform)?"
Tim: "Yeah, I saw it on tewbs. It's da boom!"
by fauxfais August 14, 2014
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