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A small town/village in central Illinois that:

-consists of mostly people with German heritage

-has one stop light

-has a public grade school that is sponsored by the town church

-has a better school and sport system than bordering Effingham

-"T-town" is almost considered an official town name

-School team name is "Wooden Shoes"

-I lived in for 5 years

-sucks if you're any religion besides Catholicism

-badly needs a football team

-is cliched as a place where incest runs rampant

People from T-town are usually called pair head by anyone who's not from T-town
Teutopolis is small
by 12345697565153 October 01, 2011
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sthe little town by effingham full of drunks.they might be good at sports but they still cant stop themselves from getting hungover
by Karson Pruemer April 25, 2009
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