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A situation in which you (driver) are in a Ferrari with automatic cannons protruding from the rear and are being chased by five Bentleys with laser cannons and rocket boosters, and also motorcycles are weaving around you and shooting lasers at you but it's ok because you have laser-proof windows. As you wind around the bend to the 500 mph speedway, you crash into a wall. You are brought to a hospital where you are pronounced dead. Then a doctor shoots a laser at your corpse and you come back to life, but are a zombie. Said situation may only occur during 1986.
Eli: yo what's up G, you're looking kind of pale, you ok?
Ash: No, i got Testarossa Autodrived and now i'm a zombie.
Eli: Sweet let's rave.
by Asher pampaloompa November 03, 2007
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