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{Noun}- Commonly used amongst High School and College students. Test Week is the week prior to your exams (average 1 test and 2 quizzes every day and the occasional double tester). Its the second worst week of the year after exam week. This week happens because all the teachers procrastinate and give you tests,quizzes,and papers trying to put in final grades for that semester and for college students that sucks. So technically it is 2 weeks of all nighters. See and the thing is you have to do well on these or else your quarter average will go down. Test Week usually happens the second week of December and 2 weeks prior to summer break because remember you have exams the week after!!!
Person: Yo bro do you want to hit up New York this weekend?
Test taker: No bro I'm hitting my book for test week.

Person number 2- Forget studying for test week, I gotta study for exam week.
by notsoslimshady12345669 December 08, 2013
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