She is a one of a kind. Usually talented, hence the name. She's unique & has a great taste in friends. She doesn't fall in love easily, but she IS loving. She's trustworthy, but she likes to do what's right. She's be the greatest friend & she would never do anything intentionally to hurt somebody. She doesn't like to fight with people. She is willing to listen to ANY problem. She usually is beautiful, & her eyes shine like no other. She can brighten your day. She cares for whoever.
Friend ; " Tessarae helps when ever she can. "
by Anonymous<33 April 02, 2011
Top Definition
She is so intelligent and outgoing. She can take your heart away. She will never turn on you and once she falls in love she falls in love. Always trust a tessarae. They shall never turn on you or make you feel uncomfortable. Tessarae's have an amazing smile and can make somebodys day with dancing around or just being silly. Tessarae's can make something totaly fun that can be realy boring. When they get hyper, I would suggest that you take a few steps back... ok a little more. But you can never forget a Tessarae.
Person 1: What do you want to do today?

Tessarae: Let's just have some fun and enjoy our selves.
by Cheekah February 21, 2010

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