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OMFG D15 5H17 I5 50 r4r3
I'm just a cash money terrorist, doin' it for the money,
I don't care about the cause, I kinda think it's funny,
I gotta room in my basement where I keep my stash,
Gotta kill Americans to make some kish kash.

I killed the hostage, it was my choice,
then I called up Osama from my new rolls royce.
I said, "how are you doing, infidel?"
He said, "I'm planning this attack and im doin' well"
I said I killed the American, I did the deed,
now where the hell is my premium weed?
He said "Calm down, buddy, it's in the mail.
I really hope you don't have to go to jail,"
I said "it's ok, I'm just working for the dollah,
and if I get caught, I'll pray to Allah Allah Allah!

oooooh that was s111ck!
by You Stole my Wristwatch December 29, 2004

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