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If you're reading this, probably the star system in which you live (unless you're an EBE with a really long-distance wireless internet connection).

The Terran Solar system is a planetary star system. It is a group of 8 planets orbiting a yellow, middle aged (approx. 5 billion), type G star. This star is called is often referred to as Sol or "The Sun" by the system's inhabitants. The four outermost planets Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus are cold gas giants. Jupiter is the largest, it is a "failed star" and Saturn is known for it beautiful set of rings.

The four inner planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars are terrestrial (mostly solid). The third planet is Earth, it is home many of life forms; because the system hosts an inhabited world it is named first for that planet with life and then for the star it orbits.
Note: Traditionally the Terran Solar System was said to contain 9 planets, but when human astronomers updated their definition of planet the former 9th planet, Pluto, was removed from the list. Although Pluto is no longer a planet in the eyes of modern astronomers it is still traditionally a planet.
by UniBomberMan64 September 18, 2006
A system of planets, asteroids and comets orbiting an average sized, middle aged yellow star on the edge of one of the Milky Way Galaxies outermost spiral arms. The system has a single star at its heart known as The Sun. The Sun is accompanied by four rocky inner planets, three of which exist in the habitable zone, with only one that is currently capable of supporting complex life. Beyond the four solids is an asteroid belt followed by four large gas giants. One of which has a beautiful set of rings. Each gas planet has its own diverse mini system of moons. Even farther out is a small sold planetoid that is considered the ninth and final planet mostly by local tradition. The Terran Solar System is surround by several clouds of dust, rock, and ice outside of the orbits of the nine planets. These are debris left over from the system’s creation. They are known as the Kepler, Kuiper, and Oort Cloud. The system’s name is unusual because it takes uses a hyphenated version of the name for it’s third planet. And central star; whereas most systems are just named for their main star. For example: The Vegan Star System’s main star is Vega.
The slang word for this system is TSS.

Bob: Hey Ted lets fly the saucer by Earth on the way home?
Ted: Earth? Where is that?
Bob: It's in the TSS, I heard that some of the humans there are pretty hot.
Ted: Nah, I gotta pee and none of the bathrooms there are clean. Lets just go home to the Vegan Star System
Bob: Yeah okay, I'm not into the bar scene anyway.
by the lsob May 29, 2005
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