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A movie where Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the T-800, a cybernetic organism meant for nothing but of John Conner. He was sent to protect John Conner from the T-1000 (Liquid Metal), a highly efficient killing machine, much more powerful than the T-800. Not as if that matters because ARNOLD OWNED HIS ASS!
The more powerful t-1000 lost the battle when the t-800 kicked his ass.
by Oz December 15, 2004
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A cs player who masturbates to pictures of da_bears
-=TeKOnE=|TerMinAtor2|=- beats off to TECda_bears
by eric stromberg November 07, 2003
The sequel to the Terminator movie.
Terminator 2 was alright, but it's nothing compared to T-3!
by Johnny Rocketfingers July 10, 2003
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