Small, cute, beautiful brown eyes, and awesome fashion sense and sense of humour. Steals your heart and makes you feel like a million bucks. Once you find her dont let her go. She is a rare welsh gem.
Dang dude, you found a real Terina!
by Mr. Mediocre December 31, 2009
Top Definition
Most beautiful girl on the earth
Woah, look at that girl, what a Terina
by Dragon-Child September 15, 2008
Beautiful Girl/Boy with a big heart open to everyone. Very fond of 'Sam's' and 'Harry's' but other then that open hearted, clumsy at times and awesome.
by YouMadBro?! September 30, 2011
A hoochie between the age of 12-13.
also know as a ginger
with her red hair and freckles,
wears mass amount of make-up,
and will someday grow up to be the most high-low class escort.
wich probably wont bother her much, because as a ginger, she has no soul.
friend1; wow, did you see that terina??

friend2; yeah, gawd shes a hoochie hey?

friend1; yeah, it must be her lack of soul that allows her to be that way.

friend2; I feel kinda bad, but scared more then anything. I hope there isn't anymore terinas out there.
by NtahthaKizzer December 08, 2009
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