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Terilyn's are very outgoing, friendly, sexy, beautiful, smart, giving, honest, loyal and are usually brunettes! They are caregivers and will help anyone who just asks if they need it. They'll always listen to you if you have a problem and you won't be able to resist!
Terilyn's such a babe!
by SqeakyCheeks244 September 18, 2011
Terilyn is the most majestic lion to ever roam the lands of North America. She enjoys playing guitar and is impressively skilled at it despite her apparent possession of lion paws. She is also very skilled at stealthily stalking people, thanks to her lion roots. Despite being as fierce as a lion, Terilyn is the nicest and most beautiful creature to bless this land that we call earth. Unless you are a dumbass. If you are a dumbass, she will hate you and claw your face off.
Guy 1: Dude, is that a lion over there?
Guy 2: I don't know bro, but it looks pretty fierce.
by buuck December 11, 2012
Teri-Lyn is a beautiful, stunning, gorgeous girl who will always be true to you. She is very hugable and lovely, her personality is bubbly and happy. She can be very mature but also crazy. Except for the fact that she is a very happy person she does have her insecurities, but her best friends will always make sure she feels okay!
Teri-lyn is my best friend, forever
by Young, Wild & Free November 01, 2011
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