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As introduced and defined by Super Jail, the Tequila Worm is a the Spanish Fly's mortal enemy. Even when they are crazy horny, the Spanish Fly knows that the Tequila Worm is a truly filthy, disgusting bitch.

Super Jail's example can be used even in modern life! Who's that nasty bitch down the street who answers the door in NOTHING but a saran wrap nightgown, despite being at least 55? The Tequila Worm. Who's that skank who would hump someone for bus fare? The Tequila Worm. The filthy, gin-soaked man whore who picks up only the drunkest, nastiest women in bars just so he give them a quick and nasty and take off? The Tequila Worm.
Fly1: Hey.. Hey man, I need some. Any honeys nearby?

Fly2: No way man.. Only action around here is the Tequila Worm.

Tequila Worm: Hey boys, ride's only a quarter!

Flies: *vomit*
by Gorshinspew February 23, 2011
Term to describe the chunk, or piece of food dropped into a drink either by accident or by board friends or foes. Usually someone is convinced to eat it.
Dude! You dropped a olive from your pizza in my beer! Now you gotta eat the tequila worm!
by Spokane Jesse November 22, 2009

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