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1. The act in which the woman gets into the reverse crab position, and the man(or woman), gets onto the woman. Next, he inserts both of his feet into the woman's vagina and anus. For the final step, he then procedes to tap dance, or "two step" on the woman. With enough practice, one can easily create further dance moves.

2. A similar definition to the 1st, except instead of a partner performing the move, the woman is able to insert both of her feet into both her vagina and anus. Can be done easily with a flexable person, yet anyone is capable of doing it.
1. Marco and his girlfriend were tired of the same boring sex acts such as the dump truck and alabama hot pocket, so she suggested that they try the Tenessee Two Step, since she had done it herself many times before.
by Sir Robert and Sir Kevin October 03, 2007
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