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n. A person that has good intentions but sucks at every possible aspect of life
Random guy- Hey dude, I know you're trying to keep my little bro from doing drugs, but you're such a Tenacious T.
by LOLmaster69 April 19, 2010
No,it isn't an exciting new rapper. It is a particularly hard,tough and stubborn turd that slowly inches out of the anus just about half way then stops. It won't come out any further,it won't back up,and it won't break off because of its sturdy, clay-like structure and texture.So there you are....stuck. You can try wiggling on the toilet seat and hope it snaps off. Or,you can wait for a month for it to dry up and rot off.Or, as a last resort,you can bare-hand it and flick it loose with your fingers.
I was stuck on the thundermug for 45 minutes this morning due to a Tenacious T. I finally talked by brother into slipping a noose of dental floss around the obstinate loggerhead and jerking it out.
by wolfbait51 April 01, 2011

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