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The Ten-Pin Tail-Fin is otherwise commonly known as an ape-drape, hockey-hair, party-in-the-front/business-in-the-back - among many others. The mullet - the quintessential, iconic hair style from the 80s and early 90s that still exists in certain sub-groups of civil society.

The Ten-Pin Tail-Fin is a specific sub-group of the mullet, and is the reserve of the ten-pin bowling alleys of the world. Not only is it a supremely natty look, it also serves to provide much-needed aerodynamicy on the approach to the pins. Function and fashion combined.
"Rob just got a strike! Must be a result of that kick-ass Ten-Pin Tail-Fin he's been rocking since '87."

Bowler 1: "Hey man, my bowling sucks so bad it gives me an achey-breaky heart. Any advice?"
Bowler 2: "Yeah, get rid of that ridiculous buzz-cut and get yourself a Ten-Pin Tail-Fin."
by biggerhalf October 01, 2013

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