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£10 of weed, this can range from a bad deal a.k.a "shady buns" weighing around 1.3g or a good deal a.k.a "fat puks" weighing around 1.8g. Shady dealers will try anything to make it weigh an acceptable weight, adding sticks, seeds and even havin the cheek to put all your bud around a fat stem. Better quality weed is important to, if you want to get really high make sure its sticky icky.
"how much u get?"
"Ten bud"
"lets see...nah man thats shady buns"
by WillLovesStickyIcky May 30, 2009
£10 worth of weed. Common weight 1.3g/1.5g. If your lucky or you have a sweeet dealer 2.0g can be sold.
"safe blud, you wanna get a ten bud and blaze for abit?"
by MR.REEFS. May 28, 2009

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