When Temple University, Japan Campus fails to inform a student of something that will detrimentally affect said student until it is too late.
My friend was Temple'd last semester and had to leave Japan because the school didn't tell him he was missing some visa documentation until two weeks after it was due.
by AngryGerman May 25, 2011
Top Definition
Getting screwed over by the administration, a professor, advising, or faculty of Temple University.
The professor of my gen ed class lost my paper and now I can't graduate on time. I just got Temple'd
by HugzMann July 06, 2011
Getting the shit beat out of you by the 2009-2010 University of Kansas Men's Basketball team.
Wow did you see that KU/Missouri game last night? That my friend is how you get Templed.
by gohawks15 January 04, 2010
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