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Tempe 12 is a group of amazingly hot girls that all go to Arizona state university. It's been said that Arizona state has the hottest girls out of any school in the country, but Tempe 12 are a handful of the hottest. When you're in the Tempe 12, you can get into any club, anyones house, and any party you could think of.
Guy1: Dude, Tempe 12 was walking around my chemistry class today giving free calenders away! they convinced me to sign up for a bunch of stuff too! it was AWESOME

Guy2: Sigh, freshman..
by Sparky the devil January 12, 2011
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12 of the hottest girls that attend Arizona State University.
Hey, isn't that a Tempe12 walking by? She sits right next to me in class!
by bbbbb111111111111111111111 October 04, 2011
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