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an overused phrase made up by three UC merced stooges. Often used to exaggerate the importance of what they are about to say.
tell me why, the other day i tried so hard to impress shealtiel, but for some reason he still didn't payed me any attention. i felt really stupid afterwards.
by whatsgood241 March 13, 2007
Meant to emphasize how ridiculous a certain situation is. Put in front of a statement. It is never taken as a question, therefore, is never answered.
"Tell me why it was sunny this morning and now it's raining."

"Tell me why there's a hole in my rudepants."
by Carbutt March 27, 2007
a prefix that can and should be used for every sentence possible, even when not grammatically correct.
A: Tell me why this movie sucks.
B: Tell me why the popcorn is amazing though.
C: Yeah, tell me why that.
by bradley jenkins October 07, 2009
When you are about to slug someone you will begin with this phrase
Bham: Tell me why Rosie O'Donnell should sponsor Oreo's. Phil: Tell me why you thinkin bout'er
by Bham936 December 27, 2010