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1. An expression used when a friend, enemy, or otherwise annoying person is complaining about something terribly unimportant, asinine, or infantile.

2. A phrase used in place of the popular expression "Burn!" made famous by That 70's Show. (Used mostly when the burnee can't take a joke and they're visibly upset. Much more enjoyable to say if they're offended. This saying is often situational.)

3. An expression used anytime you yourself outdoes someone else- i.e., video games, sports, living, etc.
Them: "Fuck! Fuck! I broke my shoelace! and to top it off, man, I got mud on my pants!! (continues complaining)

You: "And you think I care?" "If you want sympathy tell your mom!"


Them: "Dude, I just totally balled that guy on the court."

You: I always knew you liked dudes,

Them: Fuck you, man! I'm not gay!

You: Tell your mom!


You: "Oh my God, did you just see that!?" "Tell your mom!"
by distraction_camp July 20, 2009
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