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Apocryphal last words, often attributed to the bushranger Ned Kelly. Since entered Australian culture.

Several meanings.

1. Expression of defiance - similar to other laconic sayings in history, such as Leonidas' "Molon labe". Essentially, declaring unrepentant devotion to values by which one lived, or, at least, a refusal to die in a cowardly or ignominious fashion.

2. Ironic inversion of the above - jokey way of declaring submission, often in an aside to bystanders.
1. Ned Kelly (to witnesses, as being taken to his execution): Tell 'em I died game!
Attributed to Flight Lieutenant William Ellis Newton, RAAF, executed by the Imperial Japanese Army 1943 at Salamaua, Papua New Guinea

2. Jack (to witnesses, just before being arrested for public drunkenness): Tell 'em I died game!
by Thrasymachus of Keramikos February 22, 2010
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