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Tele Op Spec - Everybody, Signals, Infantry and even Civvies, knows that a Spec-Op (aka Special Telegraphist, Morse-Monkey, Tele-op spec) is what you call when your wife or lady needs some real good lovin' and your cold beer needs drinkin' whilst you are away on exercise or operational tour. Known in the Corps to be the best lovers and envied by all the handbags, tele mechs, techs, EDs and thick as fuck lineys
1) Hey Don, Hear you off to Ireland for a tour... Don't worry mate.. I'll keep an eye out to make sure your Mr's don't get Spec Op'd (Tele Op Spec'd) whilst your over there.

2) No point going to the NAAFI bar tonight lads.. The Tele Op Spec's have just finished shift... wasting our time with the WRACs with those fanny magnets knocking about.

3) Wish I could have made it in the Corps as a Spac Op (common slang term used for those that failed or never made Tele Op Spec)
by HRH Colonel in Chief February 01, 2014
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