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He/she are a strong αη∂ passionate person in what they do,
They ℓιкє there own way in also what they do,
If they don't ℓιкє something they will say it тσ there face there a confendent αη∂ powerful person..you don't ωαηт тσ get in there way,
They've got a styling personally αη∂ is ‎נυѕт totally reem,
People wanna be her/him,

She/he is a right diva αη∂ will always will win the battle
Teganellen is a fierce person αη∂ gets her own way when she wants тσ she rules over the catwalk with all her styling clothes,
She's popular αη∂ plays by her own rules,
Now that's what i call a DIVA!!!
by TeganEllenChurchill May 16, 2012