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Quite possibly the only non painful overly pleasurable disease there is, it is soon to follow after one experiences the "Tegan Effecct" - in more cases than not it is unavoidable. A term for those who have a sudden realization that they've ditched their life, children, friends, husband, school, work, or any sort of human contact so that they can sit online and look at photos of Tegan Quin, sit on the L chat and discuss Tegan Quin, and sit on YouTube and watch videos of Tegan Quin. Some refer to it as "the gift that keeps on giving", it spreads rapidly like wild fire, while it is pain free, it's suggested that you have a substantial amount of money in your savings, because chances are you won't be stepping away from the computer any time soon.
Male friend 1: Can you believe she broke up with me! After 6 years!
Male friend 2: That's crazy, did she tell you why?
Male friend 1: Not really, I called her to ask and she said that she came down with a case of "Tegan Syndrome". I think it was because of that "Tegan Effect" she had last week. Do you know anything about this syndrome?
Male friend 2: Oh yeah... That's pretty serious. They haven't found a cure, and when they do it's said that most women won't want to be cured. You might as well just come to terms with the fact that your girlfriend switched teams
by teganeffect June 06, 2013
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