1 : to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive
2 : to create a false or misleading impression
3 : an untruth / a lie
4 : something that misleads or deceives
"That is a teesh, Barry"
"He was teeshing when he told me that"
"Stop teeshing"
by Shane Mc Carthy October 27, 2007
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A very rare marsupial found exclusively in the area surrounding Greenville, North Carolina. Teesh are known to eat non-food items such as rocks, dirt, clothing, condoms, rubber bands, or string. Teesh are also known for their smell. The smell is extremely pungent, and resembles a combination of rotten eggs, doo-doo butter, old cabbage, goat cheese, gym socks, mildew, and deer piss. The Teesh has no true niche in its environment, it is simply a scavenger and a drifter, usually resting on a foregin couch before arising at night to feed. The National Wildlife Federation has put the Teesh on its list of proctected species and asks any individual who comes across a Teesh to return it to the National Teesh Wrangler, Mr. Daniel Thomas Bricker of Greenville.
--Where the hell did my chalupa go?

--The Teesh strikes again.
by Delta Chi May 13, 2006
A word exclusively used in Hawick in the Scottish Borders meaning fantastic, brilliant, perfect.
"I had a great time last night - the band were teesh"
by teribus July 01, 2009
Commonly used as a synonym to describe the ability for one to be awkward or to bring a sense of creepiness into a conversation or group setting. This can be a natural talent that one can never out grow. This is a common trait among Toronto Maple Leaf fans.
Megan why do you always talk about your pet rat rufus? Thats gross... thats so teesh
by leafsuck November 01, 2011
a nickname mostly used for people with the name of letitia and leticia
- sup letitia

- call me teesh
by chazza5647 January 28, 2014

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