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A role playing genre popular among tweens and young teens. Gateway to theiranism and furryism. The teens are often created in labs, yet seem to have full human emotions and are not addicted to drugs even though the plot is mainly them being tested on. Popular animals are catgirls, dogboys, foxes of any gender and wolves. The "gifteds","test subjects" or "Teens with animal DNA" are often in cages and chains trying to get out or they are being recapture. Yet the role players claim it has nothing to do with S&M, drugs or a furry fetish. Below is a copy of a real role play of this genre with intros and ooc posts. See what you think.
Leader explaining rules-
Hi all. OK, so basic rules apply- be nice, have fun, use ooc. Having more than one character is permitted, and encouraged. Please try to keep the ratio of scientists and "patients" as equal as possible. To join, DON'T ASK- just say what you're going to be, what we should call you, and the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the word balloon. Plots are welcome, though if no one offers any, we'll just see how it plays out- I mean, it's an interesting enough topic as is, right? List intros are ok, paragraphs are best, and links are ok but not preferred, as it is time consuming to follow and read them. Setting in next post.

You may call me Kim, I guess.
I'll be playing a girl injected with ... I haven't quite decided yet.
Um helium?

Leader posting plot-
The facility is located about 50 miles from the edge of New York City. SOme would say it's preferable to have it located in the middle of nowhere, but the Director chooses otherwise- makes it easier to kidnap victims. Anyway, the facility is state of the art, all the highest technology. THere's no way they could be found. The scientists ride around on personal electric scooter-like vehicles, (c) and communicate through Bluetooth-like headsets. The cages are more like rooms with no bars- there's an invisible electric force that'll give anyone who tries to get out a nasty shock. Basically, escape is impossible- penetration is impossible.

Leader greeting Kim-
((welcome, Kim- at first i thought you were proposing being injected with helium :)

Dani-ooc:Call me Dani
Injected with dog

Leader-(hola Dani. what does "birthday mean?

ooc:That's what came to mind...

Leader-((oh. right. i keep forgetting i asked that. how silly of me. all right kiddies raise your hand if you're already in the facility, or if you're going to be kidnapped by a group of highly trained scientists?))


Thankies being injected with helium would be be interesting but I don't think it counts as animal DNA.
Unless you've seen some weird helium.

Call me fishy.
My character is injected with black panther DNA.
Marilyn Manson!

((I will be playing a scientist and doubling if needed. This is no ordinary scientist, however...))

I'll be already in the facility.

((fabulous. tho i do love a good kidnapping...))

ooc:I will be kidnapped.

((hey fishy. welcome!))

Fishy- ooc;//
My character will be k!dn@pp3d.

((Yes!! OK, so intro for me coming next- you'll see where i get to help kidnap you, dani!))

Intro of leader-
Kori Davis peered up at the high school. Today should be exciting, she thought, actually licking her lips in anticipation of the pain and misery she would cause that girl... Well, she deserved every bit of it. The whole world did- after what Kori had been through.
Kori was 16- had just turned it, last month. She had spent the last year, whenever she could get a moment, perfecting her look. Not through hair dye and waxing and dieting- but by her impressive skills of genetic mutation. She had jet-black hair and a bright red streak (this had been dye). Her eyes were a candid two colors, yet it seemed to work for her cold look. Despite her all-around cold,) unfriendly look, she had some kind of weird ability to charm, to allure- or, more accurately, to *lure*. And that's what she did. On top of her regular duties at the facility, she worked as bait. She took regular high school students. She befriended them. She betrayed them.

Me-You have seen enough, this is getting too sick. This is what a "Teens with animal DNA" role play is normally like.
by 411 on role playing genres August 09, 2008
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