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A period of time where a teen or a pre-teen changes physically and/or mentally. It's mostly influenced by today's music and celebrities. Along with their insecurity, they struggle to find friends and when they finally do-their friends are equally as bad role-models for them.

The signs of a teenage phase are:
* Extreme oversensitivity
* Using a lot of curse words
* A dramatic change in appearance
* A dramatic change in interest
* Going against everything even though they're wrong
* Insecurity about sexual orientation
* Dramatic moodswings
* Extreme loss of interest in activity's
* Making up excuses for everything

* An extreme ego inflation
* Increased physical violence
* Insecurity about body, foods, etc.
* More prone to self-harm due to feeling low (hormonal imbalance)
* Extremely nervous around the other sex
* An urge to be the alpha in all relationships
* An overuse of technological devices
* Becoming unsocial

* Confused about basically everything, life, family, friends etc

**Note that these signs are what we all suffer from time to time, however in a teenage phase these signs occur in extremes and frequently**
Person 1: Look at Sarah, she's completely changed over the summer.
Person 2: Yeah, she used to wear fashionable clothing, now she's just so ... emo.
Person 1: Yup, must be going through a teenage phase. I'm lucky we won't go through one.
Person 2: Haha, I know right? We're awesome.

Example 2:
Mother: Open the door, Billy!

Mother: But Billy, I just want to talk!
Billy: *Continues playing loud music in his emo room*
Father: It's alright dear, it's just a teenage phase, it won't last forever.
by Iamdescribing July 03, 2013
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