1. Tee Shirt Time - T-Shirt Time is the few minutes before you are going to leave for the club, when you remove your sitting around the house shirt and put on your ...pristine and unwrinkled clubbing T-Shirt.

2. Tee Shirt Time (Northern California) - To either peel someone's cap, split they wig, or any other variation of a 187, which leads to the victim's family/friends having tribute Tee Shirts made with the person's face, along with date of birth-date of death displayed on the front/back.
'Aye loc. Word got back on where them marks that murked Speedy n Faze stay at. You down for a 187?'

-'You 'ready kno. It Tee Shirt Time nigha!'
by MacJ408 January 13, 2011
This is applied to the show Jersey Shore, where it means the following: when Vinny, Situation, Pauly, and Ronnie go out to a club, they prepare what shirt they want to wear ahead of time. In order to not ruin the shirt while they wait for the girls to finish getting ready, they wear wife beaters or man tank tops. When everyone is ready to go, it's TEE SHIRT TIME, and they put on the shirts that they picked out for the club.
Is everybody ready to go clubbing? That means it's tee shirt time!
by JerseyBabee February 12, 2011

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