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A sexual position in which one participant kneels over (usually a female)with their face low to the ground, and their anus in the air, much like "presenting". The other participant then masturbates, ejaculating on their own big toe. The foot is then pulled back and forcefully inserted into the other participant, implanting the big toe firmly in the anus. This is best done by curling all of the other toes under, so that the big toe is prominent, thereby ensuring maximum penetration. This can be used as a punishment or as a way to "let the bitch know it's time to go".
That Tecumseh Toe Jam was so bad, I think it gave me a pink sock!


That's one evil bitch! She needs a Tecumseh Toe Jam!


I dismissed her with a Tecumseh Toe Jam!
by Barry DeBone April 05, 2009
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