A person who does not know how to function anything that has to do with the use of technology. i.e. a retard in technology.
Person 1 : "Do you know how to work this tv? It's not turning on."

Person 2: "OMG ur such a technotard"
by jixsaw325 June 21, 2009
Top Definition
A person who has a sigificant conceptual, behavioral, or intellectual impairment that makes it impossible for them to understand or use even the most rudimentary of electronic devices.
Jack can't even program his remote control or the speed dial in his cell phone--what a technotard!
by Phuqit October 09, 2006
Any person living in a technologically modern environment who is either incapable of, or eschews attempts at becoming technologically fluent and competent. A person born in the late twentieth century, who despite ready access and exposure to devices like tape recorders, CD/DVD players, cell phones, computers, etc. is unable or unwilling to use or understand them.
He's/She's such a techno-tard, he can't even use a cell phone!
by Daisy HatesYou June 25, 2006
someone who afraid/ignorant of electrical devices
e.g. phones, power tools ect.
haha that moron just stuck a fork in the wall socket what a techno tard
by r_u retarded April 15, 2009
Someone who have great difficulty navigating new technology, as in: computer programs, DVD players, cell phones, etc.
Jon is such a techno-tard -- he got a great new computer but still hasn't figured out how to get on the Internet.

Never text Mary -- she'll never be able to open it on her cell. What a techno-tard!
by a/l April 20, 2008
anyone who has absolutely no knowledge of modern technology
he couldnt even figure out how to switch on his monitor....what a techno-tard
by adz[FF] February 02, 2008
A person who is technically challenged.
I.e. cannot use a computer very well
created by Holly Baxter
"How do u send a file?- im such a techno-tard!"
by Holly July 29, 2003
a person with inadequate technological skills, not proficient with computers and/or other technology
Bob: I crashed my damn computer again!
Steve: Jeeze, you're such a techno-tard dude.
Bob: I know I think I repel computers!
by rougeposter February 11, 2011

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