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The sort of people that find the simplest of everyday technological feats and gadgets to be a challenge in making sense and use of. Much unlike the technologically impaired duck meme and the first day on the internet grandma meme, these are all very real persons and there is a very real blog being written with them in mind (The Low Tech-IQ Blog)
Woah dude, this smartphone has gotten the best of me. Feels i'm a bit technologically challenged.
by Low Tech-IQ February 05, 2015
Noun- Person who is totally unable to work with technology.
Dude1: Hey Look at all the cool things my pc can do.
Technologically Challenged: Where's the power button?
by Hn0002 June 17, 2010
A term to describe people who annoy the fuck outta you when you try to explain how to use a simple piece of technology.
(Mom) How do you insert the DVD?
(You) Mom, thats an iPod, there is no slot...
(Mom) What a waste of money!!
(You) OMG you are Technologically Challenged....!
by sgg<3 February 07, 2011
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