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Someone who is more familiar with Steve Jobs than Blow Jobs.
"Matty W. is such a techno dick that even if you were in the same room he would feel more comfortable sending you a text"
by Spicy McHaggus May 07, 2008
An individual who gets blue balls when their bluetooth doesn't work.
"Shysie was a major techno dick yesterday. I thought he was going to cry when his phone wouldn't sync with his car."
by blanchester July 10, 2008
Technodick (tek-no-dik) noun: an online pissing contest in which the participants post Electronic Dance Music (EDM) clips to one up eachother.

noun: Sextual intercorse where the male penetrates a partner in time to EDM playing in the background.

noun: a spontaneous male erection triggered by listening to EDM
"Jeff why are you participating in a technodick instead of useing your time to create a mixed set?"

"My technodick was totally in sync while boning Jane last night."

"listening to that awesome EDM mix gave me a raging technodick."
by Semtek December 28, 2012
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