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The transitory status between being single and being in a vaguely serious/committing relationship. Used either to justify a casual lay, or to avoid it.
Often comes with uncertainty as to whether to update one's relationship status on social networks.
Example 1:
- "Guess what dude - I totally banged Sarah last night"
- "What?? I thought you were seeing Jane?"
- "Yeah man, but it's not serious yet. I am technically single".
- "Ah, ok then".

Example 2:
- "Man, I think Sarah fancies you. Why don't you two go out?"
- "Nah dude, I am technically single, but I'm going out with Jane and I like her".
- "Then you should change your facebook profile!"
#technically #single #relationships #status #love
by LucaS79 July 10, 2014
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